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That's right! You read the title correctly!

While creating my latest crochet doll pattern I couldn't help but share my excitement with a friend.  We were discussing which colors should be used to catch the eye of potential "crochet cousins" that may want to purchase my pattern. This would afford them the opportunity to learn my technique to create my crochet dolls.

While minding our business her co-worker chimed in and said, "Are you talking about a doll for a boy?" Yes, my friend said. Her co-worker then repsonded, why would someone buy a boy a doll? DOLLS MAKE BOYS GAY!

Beleive it or not i wasn't shocked. You see, I'm a retired New York City police officer and most likely I have seen and heard it all. Unfortunately this isn't the first time I've heard this. She proceeds to state her unsolicited opinion on how boys like action figures. Keep in mind she has no idea what age range we were referring to. I told my dear friend that I would talk to her later because I didnt need the negativity or ignorance in my life.

Off the top of my head I could have respond with known facts to discredit her claim but instead I decided to write about it.

There are many great reasons why boys should play with dolls. 

It teaches them to be nurturing, compassionate self sooth. Playing with dolls can help boys develop social and fine motor skills.

When my son was 2 and my daughter was a newborn I received so many dolls and my son wanted to play with them. I opened one and watched him baby the baby. This was funny because i still saw him as a baby.

He hugged that doll so tight and named her.... drummroll please........... Baby! Now he is 8 years old and could careless about a baby doll.  The idea of someone saying or thinking a mere doll can make a boy gay is utterly absurd! Boys that are under the age of 10 deserve a cuddle sized plush that resemble them dont you think? Sure they could play with action figures but there is nothing like a boy taking on the responsibility to pretend feed and change diapers. 

Dolls of color are under represented, but boy dolls in a whole are almost non existant. As I continue to promote pride one doll and one book at a time, I share with you that my crochet brother doll pattern will be published this weekend!

Lastly, I'd like to say encourage your child's father to partake in the fun! Pretend play is one of the most interactive ways to play with your tike. From asking why is the baby happy? To asking what color shoes to put on the doll's feet? You will learn so much about the way your child views the world.

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