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Mrs. Lala, is a crochet a doll designer based out of Queens, New York City.  She is the owner and crochet doll designer of
The Christian Crochet Addict!

She began her crochet experience in 1992 with a small skein of yarn and a pencil! She fell in love with all baby items, from booties, to hats, and blankets!

More recently in 2012, she was searching for something that her daughter could play with and cherish. There were important criteria.  It had to be free of choking hazards,  machine washable, and resembled her daughter. She became frustrated and disappointed because all of the dolls weren't to her liking. They didn't have the hair texture or style for a child of color. Also, her skin tone was nowhere to be found. Lala took her frustration out on her yarn, and began to create.


After several attempts, she finally presented the doll to her daughter. As you can imagine she was full of excitement. When she brought the doll to church Lala received a lot of positive feedback and compliments. This motivated her to create more! Since then over 100 dolls were created and shipped all around the world. 


After serving in the United States Army, teaching kindergarten, working with the New York State Assembly, and retiring from the New York City Police Department who would have thought, that the next chapter in her life would be creating dolls for little boys and girls all around the world!

Mrs. Lala's goal is to encourage our scholars before the media/society can program them and tell them they are too fat, too skinny, their hair is too nappy, too straight, skin is too light or too dark with one crochet doll at a time. 

Mrs. Lala believes, when you adopt one of her dolls it will be part of your Kings and Queens in training foundation. This will teach them,  that they are one of a kind, special, unique & should never be ashamed of who they are. 

When not crocheting Mrs. Lala enjoys watching movies or visiting the beach with her son, daughter & husband.

A word directly from Mrs. Lala
Creating my dolls have brought me so much joy! What I love the most is when a child says, "It looks just like me, mom or dad!" This tells me I nailed it! I am also a public speaker and actress. I hope that you enjoy my work and will visit me on all my social media outlets just look for the logo!

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