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Our Pajama Pals are ready for bed. This crochet design stands about 16 inches, it can be created as a male or female. The clothing is non-removable. Each pacifier can be removed showing an open-mouth design.

Choose the following:

• color of your pajama/onesie

• eye color

• skin tone

• hair color

• hairstyle

Since our dolls are customized the process time is approx 4-6 weeks. (sometimes less) Be sure to order your custom doll at least 1 month before the event.

Crochet Doll With Removable Pacifier

Skin tone
Hair color
  • The crocheted items offered within our store are all handmade and one of a kind. Our priority is to make sure your experience is always pleasurable when shopping with us. The nature of our business will not allow us to accept returns on crocheted items. They are custom-made. However, after your order is received and it's damaged (e.g., torn or unraveling), it is possible to have it remade.

    These "remake" requests must be in writing within 48 hours of the item being delivered.

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