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Looking for the perfect gift for your religious leader? You've come to the right place. We are a Black Owned Christian-based company however, we respect all religions. Trust our hands with creating a doll in the likeness of your leader of faith.

The photos are examples of our work. Each doll is created in modest attire no 2 dolls are ever the same.

Pastor, Deacon, Imam, Mullah, Rabbi, Cardinal, Talmudist, Bishop, Supreme Pontiff, Etc it doesn't matter. Your doll will be created with precise detail and respect.

Depending on availability some shoes will be crocheted. No clothing is removable. Keep in mind this is an art doll.

Email us a photo if possible. Our goal is to get as close to the recipient's likeness as possible.

Did you know that each doll comes with jewelry, a mini Bible or Quran? The Bible & Quran are not guaranteed. They are bonus gifts and will be shipped with the appropriate religious leader (pending availability).

Woman of Faith Crochet Doll

Shoe color
Hair color
Skin tone
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