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Character dolls for Author L. Langston.

Doll #1 -16 inches

Peachy skin

2 pigtails blonde hair green scrunchie, red bows

Blue eyes

Green shirt with flowers


Orange flip flops

Doll #2 -16 inches

Light cocoa brown

Black hair, 2 buns, 2 blue bows

Pink shirt, white dots

Blue shorts right rear pocket

Pink socks, white sneakers, black laces

Process time 4-8weeks

You and Me By Latisha Langston

  • Please review your details. Once we start the creation of your design, some details cannot be altered. The nature of our business will not allow us to accept returns on crocheted items they are custom-made. After your order is received and it's damaged (e.g., torn or unraveling), it is possible to have it remade /repaired.

    These "remake" requests must be in writing within 48 hours of the item being delivered.

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