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Pricing is subjective.

Since TCCA opened to the public I've tried to come up with a fair price for all and never really considered my self worth. Truthfully I didn't really pay myself at all I charged practically nothing for my work. 

A Sistah Girl Doll has several components to make them "oh so fabulous!" For example yarn, polyester fill, tule, safety eyes, detail stitching, supportive device, time (approx 8hrs+), priority shipping, originality, required signature for delivery, packaging, photo shoot, video and lastly lots of love & labor.

You are also paying for the guarantee that your doll will be one of a kind. These babies aren't just dolls they are delicately handcrafted toys, plush works of art, and examples of what our children look like to remind our Kings & Queens in training they are awesome just the way God made them! My dolls are my creative concepts plus your vision all rolled in one. You can't get this at any retail store and it isn't mass produced.

Quite frankly you can't put a price on this kind of work.

Thank you for following, the comments, likes, and shares.

God's grace!

Mrs. Lala Rice


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