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What's Really Going On?

Hello Cyber Friends and Crochet Cousins...

There is so much panicking going on about this virus.

But, what if...

We used this situation to activate our faith and believe that this thing we call life is always working out for our good, this isn't just about God but truly believing there is a bigger picture here.

Perhaps 'Rona' (the name Covid-19 affectionately has been given across social media) is here to help us?

Things that make you say hmm. If you aren't familiar with this saying here's the song associated with it below.

Perhaps we should take a moment...

  • To reboot

  • To reset

  • To get organized

  • To reconnect

  • To rest

  • To reflect

We as a country have lost this. We no longer put family first. Work took the place of quality time. We work more to have more money to get more things. We say later, not now, next week, next year, when we go on vacation- but later, tomorrow, next year isn't promised to any of us.

Meanwhile... I wish my stash was this organized 🤷🏾‍♀️

Courtesy of Pinterest

We are now working remotely which proves it is possible to function from home. Reducing pollution from all the cars, spending more time with family, creating less laundry (I love this part) and taking a moment to simply be....

Be in the moment and rest in it.

I have to be honest I am enjoying my family time. We are on a daily schedule. My children are happy, and now that I finally figured out how to log into the 5 million websites and Google Classrooms so that my children can continue school work, it's all good. I had a hard time trying to get into Google classroom until my techy friend said, log out of all your Google accounts "say what?" That's what I said, "say what?"

I did it reluctantly... and she was right.

Courtesy of stock adobe

Yesterday my heart was so heavy. I lost my god brother. He was only 40 years young. I cried myself to sleep. He was like a Bruzzin (brother & cousin). I haven't felt down at all through this entire ordeal. Until now. I wish I called more. I wish I hugged him more.

I did a 30 minute meditation it brought me a little solace, this made me think what is really important to me? TIME!

Courtesy of Pinterest

Time is something we can't pay for and we can't get it back once it's gone.

... I'm watching online as people complain about being quarantined. The silly rumors that "black people" can't get the Corona virus. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Who made this up? ...and who are the people that believe it?

We live in a time that information is available at our fingertips research folks! Find out for yourself go directly to the source. Keep in mind- too much info can cause alarm. The wrong information can cause fear and panic. I know, I know it's a conundrum.

I say all of this to remind you that God is in control. Always!

Rather you believe it or not, rest assure nothing is by mistake. We all were tired, we all needed a break, we all could use family time and most of us need to get organized.

Speaking of getting organized, an amazing friend of mine has just published these super cute journals. They are a great way to get you started. So go ahead and order one today! There are a few to choose form with different colors and phrases check them out the link to purchase is below.

Courtesy of

Purchase here ->

Let's get it together and...

  • Start that online business.

  • Clean out that closet.

  • Write that book.

  • Hug that family member tighter.

  • Organize that garage.

  • Take a nap in the middle of the day.

  • Write a real letter - you know with ink and stationary then actually mail it.


God's grace.

- La-Shonda 'Lala' Rice


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