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Wanna go back in time?

What if you could actually change things from your past?

What if you could save a life or perhaps help someone out financially. 

All you would have to do is go back and play the powerball numbers from yesterday today. 

I have to admit it is a heavy burden to have such a dynamic gift. I would be tempted to change so much.  Me being a practical joker I'd probably move things around to make people think they are going crazy. 

I have to be honest the lotto would be so tempting however, to me death is a debt that is priceless. 

Stop right there! This isn't back to the future.  

This movies is set in my home town anf current residence NYC, based on the short film by Stefon Bristol and Fredrica Bailey. Keep in mind this is a SPIKE LEE JOINT!

You know nothing is ever that simple with him.

Staring: Eden Duncan-Smith & Dante Crichlow amongst other notable talents. 

It has a bit of a 1980's vibe with current black affairs and a few black teen geniuses. I don't want to give you too much because my objective is to motivate you to watch it -not spoil it.

I can't say this enough how refreshing it was to watch a movie with intelligent black youths looking forward to their summer break, to work on a major project, in hope's to win a scholarship. This project quickly turned into the only thing that could right a horrific wrong. 

Will they be able to change yesterday's past? Can they right a wrong? If they could alter the future will there be consequences? 

Check it out on NETFLIX for yourself and let us know what you think!

Photo cred: IMDB | NETFLIX

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