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Oh There It Is

For over 30 years I have yarned over, made loops and created thousands of designs. My creations range from blankets, booties, scarfs, and so much more - currently, within the last 8 years my focus is black dolls.

There are times when my exciting hobby / business becomes laboring. Don't get me wrong, I love to crochet. I have literally done it everywhere but the ocean (I'm working on that).

Here is a list of things that aggravate me about crochet:

  • Knots- having a knot in the middle of a project can be very stressful. I'm on a roll then all of a sudden snag, I can't continue my momentum. I have to stop my creative process to remove the knot. There are times where I make an executive decision to cut it because, "ain't nobody got time for that"

  • Splitty yarn- this occurs when you purchase yarn online and don't have an opportunity to really observe the texture. Sometimes I intentionally purchase splitty yarn because of the color way and it is exactly what I needed for my project. However, I loathe working with it. I do not purchase my yarn online -only if I've had an opportunity to physically see and touch it. Splitty yarn is exactly what it sounds like it's yarn that splits. Because of this, it can take forever on some projects

  • Discontinued yarn- As a doll maker it's very important that my skin tones stay consistent. Unfortunately every couple of months there is a brown yarn discontinued. Again, it's very important that I not only see the yarn but also feel the yarn. Discontinued yarns can cause me palpitations especially when I'm in the middle of a project and underestimated the amount that I need.

  • Often times while working in public, I meet some of the most wonderful crochet cousins. We talked about fibers, where to purchase yarn for great deals, we discussed common groups we may be part of, occasionally someone will fan out and recognize me from social media (that's cool). Then there's that one person who says what are you knitting? I don't mind informing people the difference between crochet and knitting. It's a wonderful teachable moment. It's arrogant people who bother me. After I explained to them the differences they insist on saying, "it's the same thing" or how about the infamous my friend or relative could make that. Again, I don't mind the statement it's the arrogance behind it. When truth be told no one can do what I do and I surely can't do what anyone else does

  • Lack of space- my family and I live in a condo so space is very limited. I have a cabinet, as well as storage bins that I keep all of my supplies in, but it's never enough. Yes! I need all the colors. No I don't know what I'm going to make with it...yet

Last but certainly not least, the most stressful part about my job is...

  • Losing the hook- there's absolutely nothing worse than loosing your hook, especially in the middle of a project. I have a ton of hooks however, if you aren't familiar with crochet then you may not understand why this is so stressful -let me explain. Each hook brand has its own particular shape and handle design. Depending on how you hold your hook will determine your tension. All brands are not the same size. A 3.5 by Clover will not work up as the same as a 3.5 by Furls. Trust me I've tried. Let me further explain it's like driving a car for a week. Then getting into your best friend's car which is the same make and model. Does it feel the same? Even though it's the same car. The vehicle may not move with the same amount of pressure to accelerate. The seat and mirrors may be adjusted differently according to their height and preference. (I hope that I'm making sense).

After working on a project last night, I decided to start on a new one. I pulled all the yarn that I needed to create the design however, I could not find the hook. I was crocheting in bed so I didn't have to look far... At least I thought. I pulled back the covers, I lifted the pillows, I looked on the side of the bed, on the floor, under the bed. I even interrogated my eight year old who is notorious for taking my things without my permission.



My relaxed moment quickly turned into a stressful evening.

I love when I can ship out small orders in less than three days. Getting ahead is a personal challenge. There is the timeline on my website and then there is my mental timeline. This missing hook was tampering with my personal timeline.

I went to bed. The next day I decided to use a different hook. Before I start my work I needed to prepare my Father's day dinner. When I cook and clean I like to be comfortable. So I removed my nightgown to change into athletics wear. Then is when I discovered where my hook was.

I couldn't believe it I had to laugh at myself I laughed so hard that I woke my husband up.

My hook was in between my breasts. Yes, Crochet Cousins I was ready to prosecute my daughter. When all along this tiny piece of aluminum wrapped in rubber was nestled between the twin peaks. I hope that you enjoy this blog. Please make sure that you subscribe and comment below.

Irony of it all is, I was actually crocheting breasts.


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