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New Year, New Mentality

Hey Crochet Cousins!

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about what happened when I changed my mindset. I am ever so grateful to be running my crochet business for almost10 years full-time.

It took extensive research, a ton of mistakes and many late nights to get here.

Let me explain...

I would stay up all night researching how to run a craft business. I spent hours learning crochet terminology. Even though I had been crocheting for years, I didn't know terminology. I couldn't read patterns either.

I spent so much money on seminars, workshops, and 100's of hours on YouTube University.

Listen: Currently, my heart is so full. I created a successful handmade business. I am productive, blessed, paid and in my happy place. But, I need you to know that this did not happen by chance, it's by design.

In 2016, I thought it was the beginning of the end. I felt lost. I was leaving my career of approx 10 years. Some would say, it was too soon for retirement. I wanted to leave my children a legacy and couldn't see pass what was in front of me. Sure, I have a wonderful husband that would do anything for the children and I. But, I wanted to help support my family. Feeling lost is not fun. You don't know if you should go left, right, make a u-turn. I didn't want to ask for advice. I spent so much time trying to figure it out in my head. We were more than fine financially. If we weren't, my husband would have sold his kidney to provide for us. It was a mental block. I couldn't see my worth and I no longer felt like I had a purpose.

I didn't see the value of my talent nor did I know it would take me this far.


I'm glad that I waited.

I'm glad that I didn't throw in the towel.

I'm glad that my talents have reached places I may never set foot on.

I'm glad that God chose me.

When I changed my mentality, everything, I mean everything, fell into place. I refused to accept negativity. I surrounded myself with like minded people. I PUT ME FIRST! That's right, before the kids and my husband. I protected my mental health and guarded my circle. I deleted, blocked and separated myself from toxic people. This includes my church and a long time friend. I removed any persons on my social media that I found to be a negative. In which, I might add, it is time for me to do this again.

I learned how to knit, well sort of. I purchased a knitting machine and immediately became addicted.

I look forward to this new year. The New Year, brings wisdom nuggets, new experiences and challenges. It is also a reminder that, I will have new things to thank God for.



La-Shonda Rice




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