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Busy Busy!!

Last week was a extremely busy week. As I prepared for my Certification with the Craft Yarn Counsel!! I had school trips, the King had surgery, and there were about 12 projects due. Eleven I completed in 2 days. Now I couldn't have made this happen without the support of my King aka husband, or my friend and fiber sister Aniqua (owner and doll designer of My Kinda Thing)!! 

We face timed 2 nights in a row while we completed our projects hire cool is that?

In the class I may with my fiber family and we laughed crocheted,  laughed some more and networked.  If your aren't familiar with the Craft Yarn Counsel look them up.  They offer the one and only recognized Certified Instructors Program. If you don't know it is the PHD of crochet!!  The class and instructor (Barbara) was amazing! I learned so much about crochet,  knitting,  and fiber!! I also made a few fiber friends!! 

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