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What inspires you?

What inspires you? I ask this question because often times we are looking for inspiration when all along it was right in our faces. As I traveled to Ibiza, Spain I noticed most of the hand crafted items were adorned with tiny pom poms! How cool is that? Neon colors, pastels, etc. They were such a happy combination on absolutely everything! From bags to,  shirts, shoes, and toys!!  I'd like to believe that a friend of mine had a little influence on this "Pom Pom Epidemic" Aniqua Wilkerson owner and crochet doll designer of My Kinda Thing. She has a amazing tutorial that is taking the craft world by storm. Oh sure you can create your own pom poms but not like this.  I will be using her method along with some ideas brewing in my head to create something cool for the holidays. 

...Stay tuned.

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