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I was itching for new yarn and googled yarn stores in Elizabeth City NC. You guys,  Google Maps did me so wrong. I was supposed to be heading to B and P Yarn Hut in NC. Just the name alone gave me a craft-gasm!! I imagined this ranch style building with tons,  and tons of yarn for little to nothing. I mean it's the South right? Unfortunately I arrive to a abandoned warehouse it appeared to have an embroidery shop that was close. Despite the signs displayed open until 6 p.m. Google Maps then directed me to Callyico Fiberworks. Needless to say I ended up at someone's home! After driving through cornfields and back roads with a bad signal I hot tailed it back into civilization without yarn :( 

Once I got back to my in-laws house I realize how bad it could have turned out. No signal, unfamiliar territory, did I mention I had a quarter of tank of gas?Yeah I'm nuts!

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