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It is a Jeanine De Bique kinda morning. Since I was a child I enjoyed opera. I stopped listening when I was in the military because I was surrounded by people who didn't not appreciate it. They called it screaming, noise, boring etc. I would sing opera in the shower until someone banged on the door for me to be quiet.....ahh the memories. I say this to say, there are no musical limits in my house. My son loves old school rap, and rock. My daughter perfers pop, and party mixes. Hubby loves it all, seriously I don't think there's a genre that he has not known the lyrics to. We don't limit the children as long as the lyrics are appropriate. 

In 1998 I am proud to say I had a beautiful voice. I could hit soprano notes effortlessly. I trained with Mariah Carey even though she didn't know it lol. I played her cassette tapes over and over until I could hit the same notes as she did. My best friend admired my voice so much. Everywhere we went she would say do it! I would hit her famous note from the song Someday. While in the military I practice my operatic skills but it was quickly shut down from negativity. Eventually I stopped listening and stop singing.

I always had a love for the Arts. From my first commercial to my first infomercial to my first play. I felt like I was at home. I studied theater in college. I had no major training until 2001. Then is when I studied stage management & voice over.

Once I became a wife and mom that all stopped. But it didn't have to. I find we (mothers and wives) give ourselves so many excuses to why we can't accomplish our dreams. We limit ourselves. Oh sure you need money to make money, but what about starting those little things that cost little to nothing. Like creating your social media accounts for the business of your dreams. What about creating the email address of the business that you desire. What about purchasing sketch pads and pencils and creating designs so when you are ready to purchase the fabric your creations will already be in the works.

I have been crocheting for literally over 20 years. When I was preparing to leave the New York City Police Department I was unsure of what was next to come. I shared with a co-worker, whom I thought was a really good friend that I was leaving. Her exact words were, "I hope you're not leaving the job for that crochet thing!" This is the same woman that I encouraged to continue singing, this is the same woman that I pushed to go to the studio and to not sit down on her Talent. This same woman said that I was making a big mistake. I'm so glad that I stepped out on faith and continued to create. If you have a Negative Nancy (Nicholas) in your circle remove her/him immediately! Step out on faith! Give your all! Surround yourself with like minded people.  Use the negative, turn it into positivity by branding it as your motivation to succeed!


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