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In today’s world, many girls have not accepted who they are because they are suffering from illnesses of being teased and provoked in unkind and unpleasant ways about their natural hair. Both, boys and girls, are making fun, joking, and bullying little girls at such an early age. You see it all day in schools and on social media. Even to this day, some men are constantly degrading women. I hear about it and read about it very often. We are compared to the Malaysians, Brazilians, and Eurasians. Although many people have tried addressing this, we must continue to seek change. It must be talked about. As parents, we all know this is a sensitive topic, but we also know it needs to be addressed. To protect our girls, we must put a stop to this. As the child’s primary provider, we must keep their confidence and self-esteem at its highest state. We must act early, right now, in a vigilant manner, to protect them from possible danger, difficulty, and even death. We must be attentive, observant, and alert so that their beauty or life isn’t stripped or taken away from them. It starts at home. Grab your copy of Sunshine's Tangled Tresses today!

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