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This will be my 6th year creating my beautiful brown dolls that travel around the world. It is my pleasure to create a doll that is the created from a thought or concept in someone's head. I love creating a girl or boy in their likeness. My (sweet memory) commemorative dolls have a special place in my heart. Who am I that God would allow me to create something for a family or friend to cherish forever. Recently overseas in order to create a doll in the likeness of a soldier. As I was approaching to the end of creating this doll  the customer requested another small doll. Although I want to oblige her the reality of it is, I am going to have to seriously try to get that done. I have a hustle spirit so instead of committing to it. 

I decided to really attempt to have it done as soon as possible. My time line is to have it shipped by tomorrow. I plan on attending church, giving the children a opportunity to enjoy the  spray parks here New York.

Is time for me to buckle down, put on my cape, and hustle hard baby! You see, I prayed for this I prayed that people will love my work and appreciate ever stitch!

Here at TCCA you get what you pay for and more. To be demanded is humbling, it's a blessing ....and It is all for the glory of God!

- Mrs. Lala

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