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Many times people will take your kindness for weakness. This may happen in any setting home, work, even church. Speak your truth, stand firm on your beliefs, don't quarrel, if it is possible confront the offender, and disconnect from disrespect. When in doubt just kick people j/k. It's not about their reaction, it's about you getting over victory of the mental trap -the devil is trying to set. He wants to be a squatter and rent space in your head for free folks. There are so many people walking around angry about things that happened 10 years ago and it could be a misunderstanding. Elsa said it best, "let it go!" Perhaps the other party didn't know you were offended, or maybe your pride need to be checked and YOU SHOULD APOLOGIZE. YES YOU! CHECK YOURSELF! BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF MA'AM,/ SIR!

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