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Making Angel Babies

Creating angel babies are one of the hardest dolls to create.  It is important that every detail is correct on every doll but more importantly when it is a doll created in the likeness of a baby that has passed. 

My heart is heavy, my emotions are high, i'm full of empathy, and I feel a bit under pressure because I don't  want to offend the parents in any way. Lastly, the burden of giving someone closure literally rests in my hands. The doll isn't  to replace the deceased child or family memeber. It is for comfort while they mourn, and a way to always remember them. It is my pleasure and I am humbled to have this opportunity. When people trust you with their inner most private thoughts and share their grief it should never be taken lightly. I'm beyond grateful and blessed to have this opportunity.

I've read on several posts that having a doll made to look like someone deceased is morbid, weird, crazy, and wrong. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Let us all be slow to judge how others should mourn or grieve and comfort by listening and doing acts of kindness.

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