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On January 10th we (Jubilee and I) had the opportunity to hang out with the MOMS

These vivacious women are all about building resilience in our local families through social connections. What a great time we had networking but most of all I had the opportunity to watch a movie starring Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman, & Bryan Cranston.

Without being a spoiler I'd like to give my unfiltered review. First let's start with the great uncanny cast. Kevin Hart has come from raunchy, no holds barred- in your face stand up comedy to a more serious role. He has already taken Hollywood by storm and to be quite frank we don't doubt his abilities as a actor. Not many can cross over and be accepted by the masses from comedy to acting. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Hart still brings the funny in this movie. I enjoyed the movie very much and I appreciate the fact it was pre-teenish friendly. 

I would not take my 6 & 8 year old to see it but it is a great movie covering acceptance, not judging a book by its cover, and lastly it reminds us that things aren't what they appear to be. 

WARNING: There are references to drugs and minamal foul language.

Get your tickets today!!

Not only did my plush child (Jubilee) and I enjoy this film but we met tons of mom bloggers and mompreneurs at the premiere.

If you would like to hear our review (no spoilers) tune in on periscope. Don't forget to follow.

Special thanks to the amazing mom blogger/ product reviewer Lovinfee for inviting us to this event.

I give this film 10 skeins of yarn! 

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