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My friend has a thought provoking quote. I've heard her say it for about 4 years now. 

"Love who you are even if it's not trending" - A. Wilkerson's the hands behind My Kinda Thing

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Celebrate you! Yes you 365. Love your blackness. tresses, melanin, eyes, nose, shape, height and all the gifts inside you. 

Representation matters everyday not just for February. I saw a post last year on Facebook of t-shirts being sold in Walmart for Black History month. There were about 4 racks of different styles and displaying the pan African colors of red, black and green. On this Facebook post some gave cyber high fives, while others said they were going to stop by Walmart right away to buy one. Some celebrated on the feed by posting memes showing people dancing, or applauding etc. While others said, "it's about time!" 

Immediately I thought..... since when did Black History month become a trend? As I previously quoted, my friend has stated this for quite some time now.  It's cool to dust off your hat with the MLK, black fist, & Malcom X pins on it and dawn on your jacket with,  "By Any Means Necessary" printed on the back.  

I too am guilty of this. In the early 90's a boyfriend purchased me a black jacket with Malcom X in the back. God I loved that jacket. Don't ask me where it is now. From moving around in the military it got lost. I remember being so proud of that jacket and what it stood for. It was the one time I took to reflect on the achievements of African Americans. It was when I felt most proud of my history, culture and race. It was when I took a moment to reflect on the many contributions and the roles of my people. 

I would proudly attend Black History events with that jacket while everyone would ask, "Where did you get that jacket?" I'd tell them it was a gift. I considered it to be one of a kind because I never saw another one like it. The sleeves had a kinte cloth pattern around the wrist. However as soon as the month was over, "Ole Malcom" was hung back up waaaay in the back of the closet. For he was no longer trending. This was my routine for quite sometime until I entered college. There is where I had my first real black history lesson. 

It didn't start with slavery. It all began with Kemet (now called Egypt). 

I won't go into a full history lesson but I will tell you this. College is where we celebrated our Blackness 365! The Black Student Union and advisors were amazing. 

They saturated us in our history and showered us with their tenacity do it all. 

They engraved in us to be proud of who you are and where you came from daily.  Adopt the principles of Kwanzaa everyday and know that you are decents of royalty, priesthood, and sheer greatness. 

Every year I tell myself I want to create dolls celebrating Black History. There is a particular movie I want to highlight from my childhood. I'm not sure if they will be created this month. On this morning I realize that it doesn't matter if they will be created this month or not. What really matters is the fact that I will create them. I have made it my business to do it this year even if I have to turn down a few custom orders to get them done. Why? Because I'm celebrating black history 365! 

Stay tuned....

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