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Money Matters the Maggie Leana Walker Story

Happy Monday!

Today I would like to highlight Maggie Lena Walker. 

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She grew up in Richmond, Virginia in the late 1800’s. Her mother was a former slave. 

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Walker's father was a Irish-born confederate soldier. As a African American female, Maggie faced discrimination, even though she had light skin and hazel eyes like her father. 

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This did not stop her she was still able to run a successful charitable organization, advocate for African American women’s rights, teacher, writer, and more importantly she was the first African American woman in the United States to found a bank. Needless to say she didn't give up!

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Walker began her career working with the Independent Order of St. Luke, an organization devoted to caring for the ill, disabled and the geriatric. After wearing many hats by serving several positions in the organization, she worked her way to the top position of Right Worthy Grand Secretary — a role she held until her death in 1934.

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While working with the Order of St. Luke Walker made a name for herself as a woman who was good with money. Under her direction, the organization grew significantly! Yes, folks she knew how to "secure the bag!" 

Photo Credit: People Magazine Archives

Unfortunately banks run by whites were reluctant to accept deposits from black organizations like St. Luke’s, so they slept on Mama Maggie. Walker then established St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in 1903 with money collected from members of the Order of St. Luke, making her the first woman to found and become president of a bank.

I know what you are saying, "now that's how you do it!" I take from this if they don't want to work with you, find/create your own. This rule applies to anyone, anywhere, at any business! Have you ever went into an establishment and felt like the customer service was subpar? I will speak to the manager in a minute! I have been know to write a letter or 2. Don't get me started! Back to Walker, after the bank merged and changed names to Consolidated Bank & Trust Company. It went on to be the oldest bank continually operated by African Americans in the United States until 2009.

To learn more about Maggie Walker watch click HERE YOU HAVE BEEN ENLIGHTENED.


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