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MommyCon NYC 2019

What a wonderful day! The sun is shining, birds are chirping and its time for MommyCon in NYC!

This year MommyCon was in the "oh so lovely", Hyatt Hotel in Times Square, located in New York City.

It's the perfect spot for NYC residents that commute via public transportation, as well as expectant moms throughout the tri-stat area. Before we get to the nitty gritty let's talk about what is Mommy Con.

MommyCon is a well known convention covering everything in the know for parents and parents-to-be. They have innovative products, natural foods, organic products, bpa free, tools, seminars, workshops and so much more! This year I had the opportunity to do media coverage for this event and I have all the dibs on natural birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing, organic foods, and all that jazz!

As a Parent I understand the importance of being educated on how to care for your bundle of joy. My husband and I like to refer to ourselves as "old new parents," because our children arrived while I was in my 30's & he was in his 40's. Although we were mature in age, we had a lot to learn.

Back to MommyCon....

They can even connect with emotional support covering the unsolicited topics your "expert in-laws" may have or not told you about...yes I went there.

You know what I'm talking about...this happens especially when its your first child everyone is a expert right? One of the stations I stopped at was the cloth diaper station. One misconception is after one wee the cloth diaper will leak. This isn't true they are extra absorbent and made to take a load well, you get what I mean. As your child grows there are different size to accommodate Those little bums.

Eco-friendly products are always a better choice but where do you start right? Well, how about bpa free bath toys, created with updated child safety standards and procedures?

UBBI may be a great company to start with home the amazing smell resistant "can of steel" for soiled diapers. It has a cool marble like finish sure to wow guests and confuse them. It's so sleek they may ask what is it? For more info click the link below.

Wellness is also important. Am I the only mom that often forget about self-care? How important is to have a community of support, acceptance and non-judgement for women journeying through parenthood? Well, Motherlove has you covered with nipple cream, diaper rash cream, herbal supplements, roid cream and a few other products I can't remember (just keeping it real). THEY HAVE YOU COVERED LITERALY. For more info click the link below.


Next up is the vivacious owner and founder fellow mommy Lindsay's her contribution to normalizing breast feeding in a fabulous way. I know after I had my children I was extremely happy about my new bundle of joy however, I didn't feel beautiful and being comfortable in my "new skin" was difficult. Comfy nursing bras created in happy colors were nonexistent. White, nude (not my nude), and black were the only nursing bras availible.

Lindsay says, "after having my daughter Isabel on my birthday in September of 2015, I had a really hard time adjusting to the world of being a breastfeeding human." "The bland beige, black and white nursing bras that I found made me feel even more insecure about this new challenging chapter in my life." "When you look down at your camo/mermaid/unicorn bra, remember that we have your back!" For more info click the link below.

Need a pick me up? This one is for Moms and Dads.

AMMO BARS! I had the opportunity to interview the co-founder. These bars are packed with a cup and a half of caffeine (consult your physician if you are nursing). The ingredients are below. They have a pretty decent and no weird after taste. For more info click the link below.

Tired of replacing labels on you children's clothing, sippy cups, and other baby items? I KNOW I AM!! I mean seriously where do our kids items disappear to? Mabel's Labels has just the thing to help with identifying your child's property at school or daycare. No more tape and permanent marker (that isn't so permanent after a few washes). Oh, am I the only one that does this? Lol.

Guess what? The labels aren't expensive. They are dishwasher safe, vibrant, and customizable. Woohoo!

Lastly I'd like to celebrate a fellow author and podcaster Nyesha Davis-Williams. She and her wife Samantha co-wrote the children's book, UMI & UMA. The story is about 2 mommies and a baby.

The book is availible on Amazon. Click the link below.

Well that's a wrap! Sure there were more vendors but a girl could cover so much! Even though, I was doing social media coverage, It didn't feel like work at all. Feel free to tell the vendors Mrs. Lala sent you.

Comments are welcomed!

Mrs. Lala is redefining the standard of #allurement by celebrating children of all colors through actual #representation one #crochetdoll & one #childrensbook at a time.


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